I recently read a post about how small business can make their own video and “how using video on your company website can be a powerful tool for marketing your small business, attracting new customers and increasing sales. “, as the intro to the article claims. It really didn’t sit well with me, because I think, there are lots of things that could go wrong and if they do, you might frighten your potential customers off.

These are my thoughts (and I did post this in the comments):

I completely agree that a well targeted and well made video can improve  a company’s on-line presence enormously and change the sales process. However, the claim made in the end of this article, that video is cheap needs clarification.

(1) A cheap video is for cheap sites. You only ever get out of it what you are putting in and the reality is, that a cheap home video will only ever be that, a cheap home video. Buying pro equipment doesn’t mean you can use it. Having an HD video file on your computer doesn’t mean you can edit it the pro way…

(2) Video has become way more affordable in the last years, that is true. The technological revolution we have witnessed in the last 10 years means that almost every company can afford a targeted video nowadays. Affordable is the word.

(3) For a good company video that does what this article claims, you still need expert advice, professional equipment and expert operaters! Typically you need one lighting expert, one audio expert (or at least a good microphone), a good cameraman/ director, a presenter and a really hot editor to get a good video done. Moreover, you need a person, who really understands your needs as a company, evaluates your marketing plan with you and translates what you want into “media speak”, if you want an “effective” video as opposed to a merely “pretty” video.

I am sorry if I seem to repeat myself, but having a tennis racket doesn’t put you into the same league as Nadal and buying a pro camera doesn’t equate to a good video.

And here is the original article: