We just finished a job translating advertising for Scheidt & Bachmann, a big German company operating worldwide. Have a look.

Can you spot the difference between quality and madness?

the German ad: the original for those who can read German.

Our English Text our translation: proper English, the work of a team.

Long Live Progress
entervo parking management technology by Scheidt & Bachmann is the intelligent investment for your business. Our systems are engineered in Germany and produced to the highest standards to serve you reliably for many years to come. Moreover, maintaining sustainable systems means durability as well as continuous development and innovation. You can upgrade to the latest entervo.com2 generation at any time and increase your profitability.

And now, for all of you who prefer the goodies of free translation software, we present… the online translation!!!!


Long would live… the progress
entervo park house technology of separates & stream man is always an investment with the future.  The exceptional quality – engineered in Germany – has to work the potential over years and decades highly available for you.  Persistent system care means for us however also: steady further development.  Your upgrade into the newest entervo.com2 generation is therefore always possible and profitable valued.

Take your pick!