One Woman, two horses, and a dog crossing Europe on horseback: the story of an extraordinary woman on an amazing journey

From Andalusia overlooking the sun-kissed Mediterranean; on the southern Spanish coast; through the wineries of the French Languedoc; to the folkloristic Bavaria; and on to the imposing and mountainous Tyrol. We follow a woman on her 3000 km long horse ride back to Germany. With her, we will experience what so many dream of but so few actually dare to do: to spend time with ourselves. Our ancestors 500 years ago might have travelled like this, slowly, and without any certainty that we will ever reach our destination. What does this adventure have in store for her? What will she find in the North? How far will she get? Can this long ride live up to the intensive emotion her dream holds?

Dagmar Ritter is a mother, a horse whisperer, a dreamer but fiercely practical and always independent. After 13 years of living in southern Spain there is nothing left for her to stay, but every reason for her to strike out and discover the new Europe – and in doing so, herself.


This is our latest project, a documentary film based on the real life story of a female horse whisperer. For all of us, there comes a time when we need a break, when in fact, what we had stops being important and our lives change. When Dagmar told me about her trip, I felt a sting of envy. But I know I am not quite there yet, and I do have the privilege to accompay her on this amazing, slow trip through the heart of Europe, on her way to the new life.

Vamos a ver.

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