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Auf dem Pferderücken quer durch Europa:
Die Geschichte einer ungewöhnlichen Frau anhand einer abenteuerlichen Reise.

Dagmar mit ihrem Pferd

Vom mediterranen Andalusien, durch das weinreiche französische Languedoc, ins folkloristische Oberbayern, bis Tirol. Wir begleiten eine Frau, deren Lebensgeschichte für drei reichen würde, auf ihrem 3000 km langen Ritt zurück nach Deutschland und erleben mit ihr, wovon tausende träumen und was nur wenige sich wagen: Zeit mit sich selbst zu verbringen. So könnten unsere Vorfahren vor 500 Jahren gereist sein, langsam und ohne die Sicherheit jemals ans Ziel zu gelangen. Was wird sie erleben? Was erwartet sie im Norden? Wie weit wird sie kommen? Kann dieser lange Ritt die intensive Sehnsucht eines Traumes erfüllen?

Der lange Ritt zurück ist unser derzeitiges Dokuprojekt. Es kam ganz plötzlich auf. An meinen Geburtstag erzählte Dagmar mir, sie würde nach Deutschland reiten. Alleine mit zwei Pferden und einem Hund. Da war nichts überhebliches an ihr, kein sich an die Brust klopfen, nur eine stille Entschlossenheit, ein bisschen Wehmut und ein abenteuerliches Funkeln in ihren blauen Augen.

Ich bin ein wenig neidisch, aber ich weiß auch, dass ich noch nicht soweit bin. Dafür habe ich die einmalige Gelegenheit, diesen langsamen, unsicheren und aufregenden Weg zu filmen und Dagmar zu helfen, 3000 km, vielleicht auch noch mehr mit ihren Pferden zurückzulegen. Morgen abend filmen wir die letzten Teile für unseren Teaser und dann geht die Reise auch schon bald los.

Avanti galoppi.


Our young bands in La Herradura need instruments and rehearsal space. But how to pay for it?
Marjolein and Stephen are organising the fund-raising event on Sunday, 13th of Feb. in the Restaurant Pena Parda. Come and join us!

Expertmanagement is giving you the chance to get rid of some toys, books, kitchen ware, clothes and other items in your household that you are not using anymore. Come and donate them for a good cause!

Everybody else, come along, have a drink and enjoy the music!

See you there!

You bring it, we sell it!

A day in Orgiva. The weather gods had forecast rain and cold 14°C, but the sun shines and it is warm. I jump off my friends big red friendly car and fall right into the open arms of José.

We sit down and have a coffee. José is a painter from Mexico and is especially interested in the native Mexican “autóctono” symbols, myths, art and traditions. After two years of University he decided that academic painting was just not his thing and returned to his root, the Nayarit soil. He spent three years living with Aztec tribes Cora and Huichol and absorbed everything about their way of life.

His ever-returning theme is germination. Germination in all its meanings with all its vital colours. José’s drawings just radiate with pink, orange, purple and all shades of fertility. His colours are rich, the shapes simple. There is no deep intellectual truth hidden in them you just feel the pictures. Just feel.

As a child he was fascinated by he colours of the crop and he fertility of the earth. He knew he wanted to work with this. But how? One day, he was a still a young boy, the train passed through his village. It was the early sixties and hippies had just begun to travel Mexico. And on the very last car sat one of them. He must have been an artist, and when the train passed, a bunch of loose drawings flew off the train and twirled freely trough the air. The train passed, grew smaller and smaller, the wind died down, the papers came swinging to the ground, one by one. José picked one up. It was -he didn’t know the name then- some psychedelic drawing and it rather impressed him. “That’s what I am going to do.” He said with the paper in his hand, “I am going to be a painter!”

And now he IS a painter, sitting in front of me in a café in Orgiva, on a warm (almost) spring day, smiling and full of life. He is a special man and he is an expert. I am happy to have found him. And although I may not have an immediate idea how to help him in his mission, we both agree we want to work together.

“I’ve got to get you to blog!” – Do you? Blogging is for nerds, isn’t it? I mean who the hell needs to spam the universe with even more superfluous information on, say, ‘how I feel today’ than there is already? Pleeease! All these sad people who sit in front of machines instead of people, whose hands type franticly on a greasy keyboard rather than holding a sparkling glass of Spanish red wine, who live to the sound of computer humming rather than laughter – nerds!

I read a post about the difference of geeks and nerds recently. (German translation s(h)ite, they always need to be so literal!) The geek is a nerd too, but at least he deserves some respect for his in depth knowledge on a wee tiny bit of computer-life or something useful. You can ask him questions and get a reliable response. Nerds can’t even do that. Anyway, the Germans got it all wrong. Watch this space!

Back to blogging: it’s frankly useless. And so are its readers. You for example. Have you got no friends? Why do you read this? It’s not interesting. I’m slagging you off!

What? Me? I am not blogging. I am no nerd. I am venting my anger at this waste of space here!

I have friends!

I think…

She has got no friends.

She has got no friends…

La Herradura is beautiful. A tiny bay on the green-blue Mediterranean coast. Everybody who comes to visit me says, “It’s really beautiful!” So you pack your bags and you move to the Granada coast, buy a house and look for work. Alas, there is none. What to do, what to do? Go and set up a business. Licenses? Facturas? Seguridad Social? IVA? How does it work? Who should I ask? Didn’t know it would be so different!

La Herradura does not only look different, clocks go differently, customs are different, people are different. I personally get a real hysteric fit when I think of this old guy who has a garage to rent and thinks because you’re from the North, you are a stupid millionaire. His garage is a plain piece of brickwork, painted white. You’ve got to put everything in to make it an office: the windows, doors, toilets, floor… everything! He still asks 500€ per month for 20 m² floorspace in a village. “Eh, and you can’t take things with you or get refund when you leave!” says he. So I go “Well, if I make your shed a shop, can I have it for 100 € less for the first year?” – “Ah no-o-o!” he waves his index finger like a windscreen wiper in front of my nose, ” this is not how we do business in Spain!”. Me thinks, this is not doing business at all!

A garagy sort of business…

Now, this man is just one example of many on this earth who I don’t consider very clever and who I don’t want to do business with. And the good news is, I don’t have to. There are numerous experts available on the Coast who have a more familiar sense of business, be they Spanish, British, German, Dutch, Scandinavian or other. In fact, I believe we have a really great international community here and I am happy to introduce you to the very person you need.

This is my job.

What is your’s?