“I’ve got to get you to blog!” – Do you? Blogging is for nerds, isn’t it? I mean who the hell needs to spam the universe with even more superfluous information on, say, ‘how I feel today’ than there is already? Pleeease! All these sad people who sit in front of machines instead of people, whose hands type franticly on a greasy keyboard rather than holding a sparkling glass of Spanish red wine, who live to the sound of computer humming rather than laughter – nerds!

I read a post about the difference of geeks and nerds recently. (German translation s(h)ite, they always need to be so literal!) The geek is a nerd too, but at least he deserves some respect for his in depth knowledge on a wee tiny bit of computer-life or something useful. You can ask him questions and get a reliable response. Nerds can’t even do that. Anyway, the Germans got it all wrong. Watch this space!

Back to blogging: it’s frankly useless. And so are its readers. You for example. Have you got no friends? Why do you read this? It’s not interesting. I’m slagging you off!

What? Me? I am not blogging. I am no nerd. I am venting my anger at this waste of space here!

I have friends!

I think…

She has got no friends.

She has got no friends…